Check your reality at the door.
This is fantasy only, and when you leave the site, you'll be returning to reality. It's as simple as that.
You don't ride a rollercoaster at the fair, and then apply the same principles to your drive home.
Unfortunately, there are occasionally people out there who forget that.
Please also take the "weirdness" of the content in the context in which it was intended:
tongue-in-cheek adult fun, with a little bit of self-satire thrown in.
If you are a minor in the area in which you live, I request that you do not enter. This site isn't designed to address the issues
that young people will have. However, the following sites have good information for learning more:

Some of the subject matter includes non-consensual fantasy. It is a valid fantasy, but it is still fantasy.
In reality, those things explored here are undesirable. There are compatible partners out there for many forms of
"non-consent" roleplay, and I encourage people to find them and pursue this fantasy responsibly.

This site is largely oriented toward female-submissive or transgender-submissive permutations, but the world of desires
has unlimited combinations. Either way, there is no intention to pretend that women are submissive by nature (they're not),
or that these permutations are the way that things should be (it's not).

This site never has and never will accept any commission or request for art or products
depicting minor age children in any sexual context.

I have read and understood all of the information above and I want to
enter this web site and view S&M, transgender and unusual Erotic Art.